RAID Projects was an exhibition and curatorial organization dedicated to supporting and facilitating innovative cultural production in Los Angeles.  Originally founded in 1998 by artist and curator Max Presneill in Santa Ana, CA,  RAID was overseen by co-directors Ryan Callis and Dave De Boer in 2009 – 2010 after which proprietorship of RAID was handed over to artist Jason Ramos in July of 2010.

RAID curated and hosted outside curatorial exhibitions at our Los Angeles space. We also curated exhibitions for other galleries, project spaces, museums and alternative venues in the United States and globally. Exhibitions have come to RAID Projects from Japan, U.K., Australia and Mexico and we have sent exhibitions to Tokyo, Amsterdam, Sydney, New York, Chicago, London, Berlin, Mexico City and Scottsdale.

RAID Projects sustained a year-round artist in residence program, which functioned as an opportunity for residents to push their activities to new heights. The residency program was largely focused on providing international artists with living accommodation, studio space and access to the LA art world. We also accepted applications from US-based artists whose projects will benefit from time spent in LA.  RAID’s AIR program will be concluding in January, 2014, and we are no longer accepting applications.