Annelie McKenzie, Lauralee Pope, and Emily Silver

Opening reception Saturday, January 25th, 7-10 pm

Sat, Feb 1, 1-4p
Sun, Feb 2, 1-4p
Mon, Feb 3, 11a-3p

Fri, Feb 7, 11a-3p
Sat, Feb 8, 1-4p
Sun, Feb 9, 1-4p

Sun, Feb 16:
Closing Reception & Artist Walk-Through
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On first glance, the discreet works of McKenzie, Pope, and Silver appear to engage with some common assumptions about paintings and objects in ways that have gained recent traction within the current art dialog. Brought together, this interpretation is revealed to be but one possible configuration of each of their efforts. The entangled wavelengths of McKenzie’s lush “cover songs”, Pope’s assertions of painterly object-ness, and Silver’s glittery vanitas exist simultaneously to assert grander conceptual sums.