Next exhibition: Finished In LA



Finished in L.A. features a variety of perspectives dealing with the apocalypse in Los Angeles. Showcasing paintings, drawings, sculptures, video and performance art; this is a swan song for our existence.

In addition to being the end of the world, it is also the end of the Countdown Series at Dutch Door. After 9 weeks in a row of performance art every Sunday with 10 different artists and a bevy of approaches, this was an experiment about community, coping and consistency. 

Objects from the series, as well as video and additional works about our demise will be presented at RAID Projects. 

There will be a screening of some of the performances from the series in the Dutch Door space. 

Come celebrate our imminent doom with us. Wear something jazzy; it might be the last thing you wear. 

Opening starts at 7:00pm 12-21-12.
Dance Party: 11:00pm
Ends: When We Do. 

The Countdown Artists:
Sam Davis
Tiffany Smith
David Lucas Bell
Molly Jo Shea
Amy Day
Devin Kenny
Nathan Bockelman 
Jay Erker
Ivette Soler

Additional Work By:
Wes Johansen
Lyle Perkins
Paul Evans
Catalina Niculescu
Zach Kleyn 
Hilary Huckins-Weidner

Curated by Molly Jo Shea

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