Next Exhibition: Slow Dance – Matt Austin and EJ Hill


Matt Austin, Bird Hanger, Archival Pigment Print, 20×24″, 2012

Slow Dance – Matt Austin and EJ Hill
Opening reception 
Saturday, November 10th, 2012
7-10 pm

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There are innumerable instances in one’s lifetime when a decelerated pace is not only necessary but inevitable. These moments may appear under the guise of an injured lower back, resulting in a perfectly-timed bout of rest and relaxation; they might appear as a mid-day cell phone battery death, granting one the opportunity for a temporary and guiltless disconnect. On the other hand, there are the times when days quickly become nights that become days (which become days all over again). However, these differing moments share the same seat of significance. They are to each other as the up is to the down, as the inhale is to the exhale.
On November 10, Matt Austin and EJ Hill come together at RAID Projects for SLOW DANCE, an exhibition of works highlighting the negotiation of individual positions within a given union. Through photography, writing, and drawing, Austin and Hill dissolve boundaries between what are typically viewed as dichotomous relationships, in order to highlight their complementary nature. In a constant back and forth and sway from left to right, Austin and Hill lead and follow, while committing (and submitting) to synchronous (and syncopated) rhythms.
At the opening, the artists will be releasing a second edition of their collaborative publication titled “/”. The / publication is a 60-page book comprising drawings, writing, and photographs printed in an edition of 30; each copy is signed and numbered.
This is the second Slow Dance between Matt Austin and EJ Hill. The first was held at ACRE Projects in Chicago.
MATT AUSTIN (b. 1986, Hartford, CT) is currently an artist and educator based out of Chicago, IL. He received his BFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2009 and is teaching for the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Senn High School, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Lillstreet Art Center, and Hyde Park Art Center. He has recently been involved with various community projects including the ACRE Artist Residency Staff, a co-founded art installation project known as TAIST, and an experimental pedagogical project The Mountain was a Gift. His photographs have been exhibited widely, including exhibitions at the Catherine Edelman Gallery, NEXT: Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art, the MDW Art Fair, and the Art Institute of Chicago’s Sullivan Galleries. He recently received the Illinois Artists’ Council Grant that will fund the publishing of his book Wake that will parallel that body of work’s inclusion in the kids are all right, a large group exhibition at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in October 2012 that will travel to the Weatherspoon Art Museum and the Addison Gallery of American Art through 2013.
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EJ HILL (b. 1985, Los Angeles, CA) lives and works in Los Angeles. Much of his work incorporates his own body, exploring its physical and psychological properties, their limitations, and their roles in cultural signification. Recent exhibitions include_____A Romantic Measure at Charlie James Gallery (Los Angeles), Young Performers Series in collaboration with Collin Pressler as part of Industry of the Ordinary’s Sic Transit Gloria Mundi at the Chicago Cultural Center (Chicago), and MFA 2013 Exhibition at UCLA (Los Angeles). EJ was a 2010 resident of ACRE (Steuben/Chicago) and a 2012 American Austrian Foundation for Fine Arts Fellow (Salzburg). He earned a BFA from Columbia College Chicago in 2011 and is a current MFA candidate at UCLA. He is represented by The Mission Projects in Chicago. 
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