Next exhibition: Hiromi Takizawa – Birds i view: traveling LIGHTly


RAID Projects is proud to present a solo exhibition of work by Hiromi TakizawaBirds i view: traveling LIGHTly, including the work Sundown Spectacles and more.

Opening reception

Saturday, October 13th, 7-10 pm

Artist statement:
Sundown Spectacles reflects on the seascape and harbors of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. I work to capture and transform this everyday scenery into an imaginary landscape experimenting with optical illusion.

The Pacific Ocean plays an important role in my work. It holds a deep connection with my memories of my home and the culture in Japan, yet the ocean separates me physically from where I was nurtured and grew up.

I have always been fascinated by the visual phenomenon that occurs when light is transmitted, reflected and refracted on, in and through glass materials. Integrating these optical phenomena into personal narratives shift perception that only the quality of glass itself can generate, transforming emotions into concrete material.

With my personal narrative I attempt to reflect on our contemporary society and a culture where we manage complex feelings and the conflicting emotions of our everyday lives.

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