Next Exhibition: Line Dancing, presented by 5790projects

Opening reception:

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

7-10 pm

Featuring work by: 

Amir H. Fallah
Christine Frerichs
Kyla Hansen
Marissa Textor
Adam Tullie

5790projects is thrilled to announce its third quarterly pop-up group exhibition, Line Dancing, featuring five unrepresented LA-based artists working in the medium of painting, sculpture, and drawing. 

Manipulating the formal attributes of linework, each artist in the exhibition explores the malleability of art’s most basic foundation – giving whimsical, geometric, figurative or outlandish life to a common singular motif. From the contours of a loved one’s face, to the territorial borders drawn upon a map, lines shape our perception of a tangible and conceptual world. They are the genesis of form and composition, be it the familiar bars on a sheet of music or the postulatory blueprints of a Sol LeWitt. 

5790projects focuses on providing an exhibition platform for emerging artists based in Los Angeles. Through a combination of selected artist submissions and invitations, the entity curates local pop-up exhibitions throughout Southern California. The artists included in Line Dancing encompass a diverse miscellany of practice and exhibition history. Amir Fallah received his MFA from UCLA, and has since exhibited in Dubai, New York City, San Francisco, and Miami, among other cities. Christine Frerichs (CA) received her MFA from UC Riverside, and has been featured in a number of galleries in addition to the Torrance Art Museum and Riverside Art Museum. Kyla Hansen (CA) will receive her MFA from Claremont Graduate School this year, and was the 2009 recipient of the “Best in Show” award at the Las Vegas Art Museum’s (NV) “Las Vegas Art Round Up” show. Marissa Textor (CA) graduated from UCLA, and has shown in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Toronto. Adam Tullie (MA) has exhibited internationally, including shows in Auckland, Mexico City, Milan, New York, and Los Angeles, and will be concurrently featured in “Portrait of a Generation” at The Hole (NY). All of the artists live and work in Los Angeles.

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