Prophecy Territory


Behind the Dutch Door at Raid Projects

The first in a series of apocalyptic multimedia extravaganzas.

As long as there has been civilization, there have been prophecies of the end. Meanwhile, the world continues to turn. The reason for the total abandonment of Mayan cities remains uncertain in the eyes of science, yet their calendar end date has been seized by contemporary society as the next chance to imagine our end.

As the apocalypse looms, what does it mean for people living their lives? Is it right to trust in the moment, rather than the end? Should people skip work and plant community gardens? Is it back to bartering and six shooters? Is this finally the chance to set out for uncharted landscapes hunting the treasures that haunt your dreams? To some the end is a grim and brutal final judgment, to others the dawning of a
golden age.

Prophecy Territory is the first in a series of End of the World Events at the Dutch Door aimed creating a pleasurable
environment to embrace the end of the world.

Dutch Door swings open at 7 with food, music and dancing

Work by: Vanessa LaValle, Robin Latkovich, Liza Rifkin, and Wes Johansen

Organized by Molly Shea and Intuitive Research Society

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