Hungry Me, Tender You – Josh Atlas and Michelle Carla Handel, curated by Carrie McILwain

Hungry Me, Tender You
Josh Atlas and Michelle Carla Handel, curated by Carrie McILwain

Due to popular demand, the run of the exhibition has been extended to April 15th.

Details for closing reception event soon…………………

Exhibition Dates: March 3rd through April 15th
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 3rd,7 – 10 pm
Closing Reception: Thursday, March 29th, 7 – 10 pm

RAID Projects is proud to present Hungry Me, Tender You, an exhibition of figurative sculptures and drawings by Josh Atlas and Michelle Carla Handel. Please join us for a sumptuous affair of form, texture, and writhing candy-coated bodies.

The works presented here are figures of desire. They are abstracted personal lusts driven by the need to touch, coerce and manipulate materials into strange bodies. Both artists approach their work with a sense of humor and play, creating forms that straddle the line between sensuous and revolting.

Atlas creates adorable “girlfriends” out of pool toys, icing, donuts and googly eyes in an attempt to satisfy his jumbled desires for love, sex, and comfort eating. Rather than hide his personal lusts, he uses humor to make work that is equally absurd and empathic.

Handel’s forms are perversely intimate and alluring. She uses textiles to make her sculptures appear soft or cuddly, even as they bulge and contort around their underlying tensions. Handel’s work speaks to the constraints levied upon body or flesh, that of time, biology, or gravity.

Underneath their playful and humorous sides, both bodies of work show vulnerability as they grapple with failure. Atlas’ dessert women are earnestly trying to satisfy a range of bodily urges, but ultimately, they know they are untouchable. Handel’s sculptures seem to be burdened by their own mass, with wrinkled limbs that are coiling around themselves, too tired to hold a pose.

Josh Atlas received his BFA from Carnegie Mellon University (2005), where hebecame interested in integrating comedy and art. He has participated in exhibitions at Allegra LaViola Gallery (New York), Daniel Cooney Fine Art (New York), MonkeyTown (Brooklyn), and NTBA Gallery (Los Angeles) and participated in benefit auctions for Equality California and the Red Cross. Josh Atlas lives and works in Los Angeles.

Michelle Carla Handel received her MFA from Claremont Graduate University in 2011. Exhibitions have included a solo show, ‘Strange Skin’, at WEEKEND gallery, and inclusion in 2011 GLAMFA and BOOM Socal MFA shows. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

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Panel Discussion: General Opposition Party: The Relevance Of Painting In The 21st Century


The recent survey of Los Angeles modern and contemporary art known as Pacific Standard Time is seemingly creating a canon of what is “worth” talking about in LA. The survey is heavy handed in Conceptual works, complete with an elaborate performance festival that features spin-offs, reperformances, reprisals, and resurrections. In what may be an apologetic to Los Angeles’ relevance to the global art market, it has left many with the question, “what about painting?” What is the relevance of the history PST explores, to the reality of the contemporary scene?

General Opposition Party: The Relevance Of Painting In The 21st Century will explore the contemporary nature of painting in relationship to the institutional and commercial state of the medium. In reponse to the Torrance Art Museum exhibition, To Live and Paint in LA, The Center of the Universe exhibition at RAID Projects, (for which this event serves as the closing reception) and Pacific Standard Time, the panel, moderated by Jason Ramos will discuss how “value” is determining worth in the Los Angeles art community with regard to contemporary painting.

Panelists: Constance Mallinson, Christy Roberts, Chris Trueman, Josh Atlas, more TBD.

Moderator: Jason Ramos

Produced by Christy Roberts and RAID Projects

Sunday, February 26th
3pm – 5:30pm 
Free beer


Current exhibition: Center Of The Universe: Flack, Presneill, Ramos

RAID Projects presents
Center Of The Universe
Jon Flack, Max Presneill and Jason Ramos

Opening reception February 4th, 2012, 7-10 pm

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In the wake of the Torrance Art Museum’s broad survey of the state of LA painting – To Live And Paint In LA, RAID Projects is proud to present current work of the artists behind mounting that exhibition – curators Max Presneill and Jason Ramos, and preparator Jon Flack (whose work can also be found in the TAM exhibition).

All three painters have expanded their studio practice into the other necessary roles for a thriving art community, with a sense of participation and duty that has been a defining mark of Los Angeles contemporary art in recent years. At the center of these artists’ universe has always been their own studio practice, and the current exhibition at the TAM produced by them is a direct line from their specific interests into a larger context.

Center Of The Universe presents these three artists’ work, in an effort to complete a circle of context and provide evidence of the extra-studio trend in art today.

Pics of Dana Maiden: Margins and Rocks