Current Exhibition – Dana Maiden: Margins and Rocks

Opening reception Saturday, January 14th, 6-10 pm

RAID Projects is pleased to announce Margins and Rocks, a solo exhibition of new work by Dana Maiden. Featuring large sculptures, a series of photographs and a video installation, the exhibition locates Maiden’s practice at an intersection between the physicality of sculpture and the disembodied perception of photographic space.

Photographs taken in museums, hotels and vacant lots in Mexico City, Havana, and Los Angeles are the starting points for the multi-media works in the exhibition. Within these locations, Maiden directs her attention to physical margins made of stone, concrete and wood. She then manifests theses materials as recoded photographic objects made from ink and paper. This mirroring effect becomes increasingly complex and self-reflexive as the space of the photograph confronts the space of the gallery three-dimensionally, or unfolds within its own frame. Maiden’s recursive explorations seize fissures in the simulacra, expanding the borders of the images into the tensions of space.

Maiden’s photographic sculptures recall Borges’ description of a map so detailed that it corresponds exactly in size to the territory it represents. The paper map is soon broken down by wind and rain, and the holes in the copy render it obsolete. Similarly, in Maiden’s work, the viewer becomes aware of the frayed edges demarcating our notions of simulation and utility. It is in these margins that Maiden discovers the locus for authorship. Imagining new possibilities for residual objects and places that seem to exist outside the constraints of usefulness, the artist pauses to consider the space behind a billboard, a concrete rimmed plot of vacant land, and the sidelines of a museum’s diorama.

Dana Maiden lives and works in Los Angeles. Her multi-disciplinary practice includes photography, sculpture, video and performance. She earned a BA in Visual Arts, Art History and English Literature from Columbia University (2000) and an MFA in Sculpture and Photography from Claremont Graduate University (2008). She is the 2008 recipient of the Feitelson Fellowship, and has been an artist-in-residence at SOMA in Mexico City, Proekt Fabrika in Moscow, Art Shanty Project in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Anderson Ranch in Aspen, Colorado. Recent exhibitions include the UCR California Museum of Photography, Vincent Price Art Museum, 3rd Moscow Biennale, Open Field at the Walker Art Center, High Energy Constructs, Kristi Engle Gallery, Chime & Co., Cerritos College Art Gallery, Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, Solway Jones Gallery, Sea and Space Explorations, Track 16 Gallery, DEN Contemporary and the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art.