Allison Wonderland, Feb 19th

Allison Wonderland presents the works of 5 Los Angeles based artists, all primarily painters, who all share the first name of Allison (or Alison).  This exhibition meets coincidence at the intersection of chance and fate, and attempts to achieve a critical mass.  Though the work presents a dazzling vocabulary of diverse imagery and form, it is the inescapable kindred connections that bring these five artists together.  The remarkable vision and choices of these artists are presented under the context of their own shared name, chosen for them, and lived under all their lives, now brought together through an inevitability of the absurd, and an absurdity of the inevitable.

Alison Blickle
Allison Cortson
Allison Miller
Alison Rash
Allison Schulnik


TEXT: the problem with writing about art

TEXT – the problem with writing about art

TEXT brings together the viewpoints of an editor, an artist and a blogger
for an open discussion about the state of art writing in LA, featuring:

Tulsa Kinney
Zak Smith
Geoff Tuck
moderated by RAID Projects Director, Jason Ramos

Saturday February 12th at 6pm
at RAID Projects, 602 Moulton Avenue, Los Angeles 90031
presented by Durden and Ray and the Torrance Art Museum coinciding with the closing reception of Durden and Ray: Year One

Tulsa Kinney is the editor of Artillery, an art magazine based in Los Angeles she co-founded in 2006. She received her MFA at USC in 1988 and showed her paintings and videos in numerous solo and group exhibitions for over two decades. At that time she was teaching digital imaging at various Southern California colleges along with her graphic design career at the LA Weekly. Tulsa started writing about 10 years ago and her articles have been published in the Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly. She continues to write about art and stay deeply immersed in the contemporary art world.

Zak Smith is an artist who first came to prominence with his mammoth work Pictures Showing What Happens on Each Page of Thomas Pynchon’s Novel Gravity’s Rainbow. Smith’s paintings and drawings are held in major public and private collections worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art. We Did Porn — a book including drawings and stories about his experiences working in the adult film industry — his third book and his first to include writing — was published in July 2009 by Tin House Books. He lives and works in Los Angeles and writes a monthly column for Artillery Magazine called Decoder.

Geoff Tuck is a writer and artist and an enthusiastic cheerleader for contemporary art and music in Los Angeles. You may find him at

For more information contact RAID Projects at

Stephanie Browne Interview

RAID Projects Director Jason Ramos interviews Durden and Ray Director Stephanie Browne, on the occasion of Durden and Ray: Year One, at RAID Projects and Commonspace, closing with a reception and panel discussion Feb 12th.