Winter Artists in Residence

RAID Projects is happy to welcome our two current artists in residence:

Reynold Reynolds (US, Germany)

Irina Novarese (Italy, Germany)


Durden and Ray: Year One – Jan. 15th

Year One opening January 15 celebrates the first twelve months of Durden and Ray’s collective projects. The exhibition will take place in two gallery spaces simultaneously, hosted jointly by integral D&R collaborators, Commonspace and RAID Projects.

Since its inception, Durden and Ray has endeavored to become an agent to new and shifting perspectives, re-contextualizing contemporary art by challenging traditional modes of creating, exhibiting, and receiving art. Acting as a nexus for collaboration between artists, curators, galleries, and others, D&R unlocks the “white box,” supplanting exclusive gallery structure for an open exchange of ideas and resources. Its initiatives span a plurality of research interests, create new exhibition opportunities for the independent art community in Los Angeles, and merge distinct art communities around the world. In its first year Durden and Ray has marshaled exhibitions in Los Angeles, San Diego and Tokyo, and is sure to continue to be a powerful presence in the art scene. Come see what all the buzz is about at this one-time, two-venue exhibition.

Saturday, January 15th 2011

5 – 7 pm
2226 Whitter Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90023

6 – 9 pm
RAID Projects
602 Moulton Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90031

Brian Bosworth
Jacob Butts
Emily Counts
Ariel Erestingcol
McLean Fahnestock
Roni Feldman
Jon Flack
David French
Luis G. Hernandez
Mitsuko Ikeno
Gil Kuno
Ivan Limas
Claudia Parducci
Max Presneill
Jason Ramos
Alison Rash
Louisa Van Leer
Grant Vetter