Stretching Destillment

Raid Projects is pleased to present “Stretching Destillment” an exhibition featuring the work of Chicago based artists, Sarah Belknap and Joseph Belknap, Christopher Bradley, Jon Brumit, Anthony Creeden, Carla Duarte, Amber Ginsburg, Lia Rousset , Christy Matson curated by Joseph G. Cruz.

Opening reception for the artists: October 2nd from 7-10pm

“Stretching Destillment” – Context, bi(o)product and the parasitic, is questioned by sublimation of the body’s presence and nine Chicago Artists’ work.


Interview with McLean Fahnestock

The Last Launch (or so we thought)

Raid Projects is pleased to present “The Last Launch (or so we thought),” a solo exhibition featuring the work of McLean Fahnestock.

Opening reception for the artist: September 18th from 7-10pm

Using video and photography, “Last Launch” reflects on the history and mythology of space exploration by the U.S. While NASA continues to reschedule its “Last” space shuttle launch, prolonging the inevitable end of the era of the orbiter, Ms. Fahnestock reflects on all of the dozens of previous space shuttle launches by appropriating video footage and photographs of these events directly from government media outlets.

In a large video installation, Grand Finale, all 132 (to date) space shuttle launches occur at once. Choosing to focus on the aggressive and seminal act of breaking free from the earth, the build-up of the countdown to the straining of the eye to follow the spaceship ever higher, she examines the difficulty, arrogance, success, and failure of the space program.