Opening reception for the artists on Saturday, May 1st from 7-10pm

Exhibition will be on view from May 1 – June 5.

Raid Projects is pleased to present CACOPHONIC – featuring the artwork of Jon Barwick, Roni Feldman, Elizabeth Ramirez Ferry, Ryan Peter Miller, Grant Vetter and Casey Vogt. This exhibition has traveled to us from Werkstatt Gallerie in Berlin where it was titled “Optimistic American Dischords”. These artists were united as winners of the “MFA Now” competition which was juried by Edward Lucie-Smith, Judy Chicago, Kay Saatchi, John Millei, Murar Reilly, Bernar Venet, Nicolette Kwok and Victoria Lu.


The six young American artists in this show have formed a group that they have named ‘Cacophonic’. Forming groups is, of course, the traditional way in which young artists band together in order to get a hearing. Think, for example, of the Futurists at the start of the 20th century and of the Surrealists who followed them. Roni Feldman, a member of the group, says that their work is a reaction to a decade that began with planes crashing into the World Trade Center in New York, and ended with an equally resounding economic crash – a period of “complexity and dissonance, marked by a clamorous rise in technology, especially the technology of information, as well as by wars and other forms of disaster.” He and his colleagues engage with a world of conflicting values, in the visual arts as well as in politics, and welcome the uproar that results. “We are wary of didacticism.” He says, “and recognize that a work of art is, first and foremost, a unique sensory experience. The balance between content and physical presence in our work reflects an enduring optimism in the face of the odds that we believe is typical of our generation of American artists.”

 -Edward Lucie-Smith