Nice to meet you: Over

Curated by Zemula Barr, Sarah Brin, Melinda Guillen and Jennifer Lieu

Nice to meet you: Over

April 17 – 22, 2010

Performance 7-9pm

Installation 9-10pm

Nice to Meet You: Over is a performative exchange between two artists intended to be a reification of the spatial distance between workspace and RAID Projects, marked by the contemplation of voyeurism, the notion of virtual space as a meeting site, and the tensions forged by continuously expanding social networks. Each artist will manifest these themes through their implementation of archaic modes of communication such as fax machines, handwritten letters, and typewriters, as they attempt to get to know one another from a distance. While both participants have strong themes of engagement and mediated communication within their respective oeuvres, their identities will remain undisclosed until the opening, in order to maintain the quality of the mediated, first encounter.

Juxtaposing instantaneous and delayed forms of communication, attendees at both spaces will be able to simultaneously witness the encounter in-person, as well as through remote video feeds. Printouts of artists’ communiqués and artifacts from the performance will be on view at both workspace and RAID Projects, through April 22.

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Zemula Barr, Sarah Brin, Melinda Guillen and Jennifer Lieu are co-organizers and sometimes friends. For three consecutive summers, all attended Kamprow, a camp for humorless, conceptually dense children in Falmouth, MA, from 1989-1991.

*Image by Zemula Barr with text generated in Self-Portrait Bot.