“That’s The Way I See Things” January 9-30

Dialogue with art critic Ezrha Jean Black (click on “That’s The Way I See Things” above to see video in full-screen)

“That’s The Way I See Things…” opening January 9, 2010 at Raid Projects and featuring the work of three Los Angeles painters, Aska Iida, Comora Tolliver, and Constance Mallinson and the work of Philadelphia artist Jennifer Levonian. We are very excited about grouping these picture makers together because of what conversations their work will evoke and because of the tremors their work is making from a shared fault line. Iida’s candy colored images of pop figures and Tollivers disco birds create a language of false reality while Mallinson and Levonians work speak of vivid experience and a recombining of the world they occupy.  This forward looking dialogue is the spotlight of some kind of realism through each artists filtration system.

We are also excited to mention Southland Brewing Company will be providing the delicious artfully crafted beverages for your enjoyment.

Comora Tolliver

Aska Iida

Jennifer Levonian

Constance Mallinson